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XFit Lite is a XFit Class that focuses on mechanics of functional movements and metabolic conditioning and its fat burning effects. This conditioning-based class involves lots of running, rowing, airdyne, plyometrics, rings and kettlebells. This class is a modified version of the regular XFit class. No experience or skill level is required in X Lite class, just the desire to work hard. This class is just like a XFit class, all movements can be scaled. This means we can simplify movements, decrease the load or intensity if needed. ALL LEVELS ARE WELCOME TO XFit LITE!


General physical health
Sports performance
Pleasure of the activity

This class is for people who are looking for..

  • Build a fitness foundation before transitioning to a full XFit class
  • Incorporate weight training, high intensity interval training and metabolic conditioning work to their regular routine
  • Like XFit, but want a less technical or skill based workout
  • Enjoy a bootcamp-style workout
  • Want to develop functional movements to help enhance your ability to perform day-to-day tasks

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