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The original Beast from Canada East. Elma is a force to be reckoned with as a CrossFit athlete, national level lifter, devoted mother, owner and face of Hawkestone CrossFit.

Known for her strength and engine, she managed to qualify for CrossFit Regionals for 5 consecutive years. In 2010, Elma also made a trip to the CrossFit Games with her team and has made endless podium finishes ever since. Since becoming a Masters athlete in 2018, Elma has qualified for the CrossFit online age qualifier every Open season, and has competed in Wodapalooza Miami in individual and team categories.

Elma grows stronger every day, and her might goes beyond the physical. Elma has found her life’s purpose with the creation of Hawkestone CrossFit, a truly remarkable and inclusive community of diverse crossfitters in the GTA.With the talent to rise to the top in the CrossFit world, she still prioritizes her business and members. That is what makes Hawkestone the best gym in the GTA.

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Hawkestone Fitness is owned by Elma Ducic, a CrossFit Games competitor and a certified coach.

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